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Jeanette and Peter Marco, owners of the new Pookaberry Cafe in Mattituck. (Credit: Courtesy Jeanette Marco)

Pookaberry Cafe, a quirky new Filipino restaurant, is coming to Mattituck.

The new foodie spot, which will open on Pike Street off Love Lane, is the latest creation of Filipino-born chef Jeanette Marco and her husband, artist Peter Marco, who have opened previous Pookaberry Cafes in both the Philippines and New York and have done pop-ups here on the North Fork. 

Ms. Marco describes the food as neo-colonial cuisine.

“It’s actually a curated menu of food from countries that colonized the Philippines, such as Japan, Spain and America,” she said, adding that Pookaberry Cafe will also feature native Filipino dishes. “I’ve curated authentic dishes from those countries to offer people on the North Fork. There’s not a lot of authentic Asian restaurants out here and there’s no Filipino restaurant at all.”

The Mattituck location of Pookaberry Cafe will have a similar vibe to the original Filipino cafe. (Credit: Courtesy Jeanette Marco)

After moving to Cutchogue in 2019, Marco and her husband tested out the Pookaberry Cafe concept in a series of pop-ups at farms like Harbes and Breeze Hill, which she said were very successful. 

Complementing the unique menu will be Peter Marco’s whimsical and striking pop art from wall to wall. While his artwork is internationally recognized, locals may be familiar with the couple’s artsy home in Cutchogue on Schoolhouse Road.

“People call it the crazy house,” Ms. Marco said. “You’ll find tires recreated as caterpillars. He’s always playing a lot with colors. Everybody stops for a photo.”

Pookaberry Cafe is set to open in late November or early December.

“We’re looking forward to opening the doors and introducing people to Filipino cuisine,” she said.