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Late-summer produce and cooler nights are here and dinner on the patio beckons.

Head to Complement the Chef in Southold for everything a NoFo kitchen needs. 

Photos by David Benthal

Citrus Squeezer Effortlessly extract fresh juice from lemons while filtering out seeds and pulp. $11. 

Wire Strainer Homemade corn fritters, zucchini chips and french fries are easy when you use this sturdy wire strainer, which helps you safely scoop and drain foods from hot oil and boiling liquids. $14 

Self-Leveling Measuring Tools The levups (scrape level measuring cups) and levoons (scrape level measuring spoons) by Dreamfarm have handles that squeeze together to scrape off excess ingredients, allowing for an accurate measure. Measuring cup, $19.95. Measuring spoons, $14.95 for a set of four. 

Gnocchi Board Impress your guests with with gnocchi made on this solid beechwood board. The grooves give the pasta its trademark texture, so it can soak up your favorite sauce. $5.50 

Long Island Serving Tray Put your love for the area on display when serving your favorite L.I. dishes. $28.50 

Chef’s Knife A staple in every kitchen, this chef’s knife will help you chop like a pro. It’s not a splurge if you use it every day! $149.99 

Multitasking Tools The Dreamfarm chopula (chopping sit-up spatula) and supoon (sit-up scraping spoon) each have built-in handle rests that keep the heads off the counter, keeping your surfaces clean. The chopula can both chop and flip easily, while the supoon can easily scoop, measure and scrape. $9.95 each. 

Non-stick Pan Fry fresh local eggs or sauté delicate fish in this non-stick, PFOA free skillet. $169.95

Complement the Chef is located at 53740 Main Road in Southold.