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Chef Marco Barrila, known for his Hamptons restaurants such the Shinnecock Lobster Factory in Southampton and Manna in Water Mill, is preparing his North Fork debut in Riverhead.

The Sicilian-born Barrila, a distinguished chef who appeared on Food Network’s Chopped in 2018, is getting ready to open Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen in Riverhead, which will also serve as a base of operations for his Insatiable Eats catering service, which he started in 2010. Barilla plans to open the new foodie spot in the large building on Main Street most recently occupied by Michelangelo of Riverhead. Between training staff, taking business calls and overseeing construction of this intriguing new project, the busy Barrila talked about how the venture came to be, what guests can expect and more. 

The plans for Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen came together very quickly and very recently — about a month ago. Barrila was initially just looking for a kitchen for his catering arm, but had a vision once he saw the expansive space. “I came in here looking for a kitchen and saw a business,” Barrila said. “I said, ‘What am I going to do with this place? It would be so bad to just use the kitchen!’” 

The former Michelangelo restaurant will soon be home to Chef Marco Barrila’s Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

The market will feature house-made pasta, as well as different specialties from other regions. Barrila notes that customers will find more than just Italian food. “I don’t want to qualify it as just an Italian restaurant,” he explained. “I just want to qualify it as an eatery. We’re going to try to be diverse. I cook international cuisine.” There will be hot food available to order and eat in a rustic yet modern dining room, and TVs will screen cooking shows and instructional videos. The large downstairs area will be used for catered parties and events.

Barrila is working with various businesses from the South Fork, including Mecox Bay Dairy, Green Thumb and Cromer’s Market, and plans to partner with North Fork farms and groups, as well.

With a distinguished career as a chef and restaurateur, a food market and eatery was the next logical step for Barrila.

“What I want to create is a place where people can buy everything they see,” he said. And though Barrila is a gourmet chef with an impressive pedigree and background, he stresses that the Creative Kitchen is for every kind of customer.

“I’ve opened and consulted on so many large restaurants, so I decided to come here and do something for everyone,” he explained. “I want to create something different but accessible, where you can come have a plate of pasta, whether you are in regular clothes or a suit.”

As Barrila prepares for the opening of Insatiable Eats Creative Kitchen, he continues to oversee Shinnecock Lobster Factory and the Insatiable Eats catering service, which Barrila believes will only be bolstered by the opening.

“This will be a place where I can show my food, people can come, taste, eat,” he said. “This will be my showcase.”