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Check out the Blue Barn at Brick Cove Marina during Family Fun Nights. (Courtesy Photo)

Located a bit off the beaten path, Brick Cove Marina can be overlooked at times.

But the Southold marina’s new owners are trying to change that and they’ve come up with an exciting new way to encourage visitors to the property.

Family Fun Nights, which kicked off at the Sage Boulevard property last Thursday and continue until Labor Day, offers food, beer and wine with live music and activities on the beautiful bayfront property. It’s open to boaters and land travelers alike with no cost of admission (just be sure to bring some money for the food and drinks).

“This is really about giving people a fun place to hang out and watch the sunset,” said social media coordinator Stephanie Visek.

After rain put a damper on the first scheduled family fun night, the event finally took place Thursday, Aug. 5 and it featured wine from nearby Croteaux Vineyards, beer from North Fork Brewing Co. in Riverhead, Peeko Oysters and the debut of the new Duck Yeah food truck (Yes, that’s a food truck serving up duck menu items, like duck confit quesadillas with mango chutney, plus duck wings and tacos!)

They also have lawn games set up so you can have some friendly competition as you enjoy the flavors being served your way.

The marina property has quite the history, having served as a brick factory in the late 19th century. For decades now it’s been a marina, with 138 slips and a private pool for members.

While Visek said members were among the first to sign up for the Family Fun Nights, they are strongly encouraging non-members to come for the experience.

You can also hang out in their newly refurbished barn they call the “Blue Barn” during the events, which will run each of the next four Thursdays from 4 to 8 p.m.

“We’ve hosted weddings here in the past, but this is something new for us,” she said. “We’re hoping this is a kickoff to this type of event and we can become a destination for this sort of thing.”