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Varieties of cones at Magic Fountain. (Credit: David Benthal)

Despite the weather, you’re determined to have a great day. Here’s what’s on the schedule.

  1. You wake up to the soft pitter-patter of rain landing on your roof. The weather will probably be like this all day. It’s the perfect opportunity to roll back over and get another hour (or more) of sleep. 
  2. Coffee and sustenance are needed ASAP, and you have a bunch of great breakfast options like Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck, Main Road Biscuit Co. in Jamesport or Crazy Beans in Greenport. You ultimately opt for Erik’s in Southold — it’s casual, yet you can still sit down inside. Order the blueberry buttermilk pancakes and top the stack with loads of syrup. 
  3. Pop over to Arni Paperie in downtown Southold for a quick look around. Pick up a few paint-by-numbers kits — you’re saving those for later. 
  4. It’s a little too early to go right for the booze, so you decide to check out the Alex Ferrone Gallery in Cutchogue. You spend about an hour wandering among the photographs, paintings and mixed media pieces that cover the walls. 
  5. Conveniently, right down the road are three Cutchogue wineries to choose from: Macari Vineyards, Pellegrini Vineyards and McCall Wines. You head to Pellegrini for a glass because it seems the coziest for a rainy day, knowing full well you will stop by the other two at some point. 
  6. You don’t want a heavy lunch because you’ve got some walking ahead of you, but you still need a little something to get you to dinner time. The cozy interior of Turkuaz Grill in Riverhead seems like a splendid selection. You order a few apps for the group, like hummus, eggplant salad and tabbouleh, all which come with warm pita bread.
  7. Whether or not you have kids in tow, the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead is an ideal rainy-day stop. This kills a few hours indoors walking around and seeing the colorful fish and sea creatures. 
  8. Farm Country Kitchen’s menu of new American rustic dishes is the delectable sustenance you need to finish off the day. It’s cozy, it’s quaint and maybe you even thought ahead while enjoying the aquarium and made a reservation. You might order the Rigatoni Bolognese or, if you’re craving seafood, the Island Cioppino. Either way, you pair it with a bottle or two of North Fork wine.
  9. There have been plenty of sunny days when you’ve driven past Magic Fountain and the line has just been too long. But today, after a delicious dinner — armed with a bit of courage and a strong umbrella — the short line is tempting, so you finish off the day with a sweet treat.
  10. The last bit of energy you have before you get the best sleep of your life goes to that paint-by-numbers kit you bought this morning. It doesn’t require too much brain power but still allows you to wind down after a stimulating day out and about. Luckily, the light tapping of the rain (and maybe the wine) serenades you into a lovely slumber for tomorrow, when the sun will be out again.