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The new Harvest Inn (credit: the Harvest Inn).

Before becoming the new owners of the Harvest Inn Bed and Breakfast, Stacey and Steven Isaacs “dabbled in the North Fork,” as Steven Issac put it. “It seemed like a great spot,” he said. “But life didn’t necessarily give us the chance to take advantage of that.”

As a food and wellness blogger, cookbook author, nutrition coach and chef, Stacey Isaacs was ready to bring comfort to guests, both through the food and the home.

Over the last few decades, they lived in Nassau and western Suffolk county and New York City. Like many who are attracted to the area, they visited the North Fork to walk around Greenport, taste the wines and eat a meal or two at the local restaurants. In between, Stacey Isaacs dreamed of owning some sort of bed and breakfast, a place where she could cook for vacationers and run a small business. 

“I’m a little bit of a real estate mogul,” she said. “And I always go online and look at everything that’s for sale everywhere.” 

During one of these internet expeditions, she found the Harvest Inn, and immediately booked another visit out here. “This house had the best bones I’ve ever seen,” Stacey Isaacs said. “It has the wide plank floors, the high ceiling, the great French doors and the beautiful property, and all I thought was, ‘Oh my gosh, this is exactly what we were made for.’” 

The bones of the modern farmhouse were perfect, so they kept them, but brightened the space up with paint, adding king size beds, smart TV’s, luxury sheets and wifi throughout the home.

“Sounds cliche, but we want [guests] to feel like it’s their home away from home,” she said. “We want them to feel welcomed and just entirely comfortable,” said Stacey Isaacs. Part of that, for Steven Isaacs, is welcoming those who stay almost as if they are a part of the family.

“I’m most excited for the first person who comes in and I get to say ‘Hi. Hope your drive wasn’t too long. Why don’t you put your bags down? Let’s go sit outside. Have a glass of wine and let me tell you about the area,’” he said. 

For Stacey Isaacs, it’s about the food. “I believe in it being delicious,” she said. “You’re on vacation, so I pull back on the stringent health requirements I usually give my clients but I don’t change the great ingredients. I’m going to buy everything I can locally and organic.” She’s already experimenting with what she calls “gourmet food that’s not fussy but has a twist.” Check out the crispy sweet potato waffles!

Steven and Stacey Isaacs are currently taking reservations and officially open on June 11.

“Being a lawyer, I mostly deal with people’s problems, trying to solve them,” Steven Isaacs said. “I think this is part of the opposite, meaning people are coming here to relax and enjoy themselves and I get to be a part of it.”

40300 Main Rd, Peconic, (631) 765-9412