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The By Hand Catering mobile bar (credit: Kaitlyn Ferris).

An old Italian bread truck. A pop up camper. A horse trailer. Not exactly things one might think of when envisioning a dream outdoor bar for a wedding. But around the East End, converting these vehicles into a fun bar option for events has become somewhat of a trend. By Hand Catering’s bright and white mobile bar, Vintage Rose Hampton’s reconstructed pink dream and Doublespeak Cocktails’ in-the-works vintage bar on wheels all can come to you, booze in tow.

“The trailer is a 90s Coleman Pop Up Camper trailer, and being that my last name is also Coleman, I felt it was meant to be,” said Joseph Coleman of Doublespeak Cocktails, who is doing all the work himself to convert the trailer into a bar. “The build out is still in progress. I plan to vinyl wrap the entire camper in a fun design, while trying to keep the 90s camper body style aesthetic.”

The Vintage Rose Hamptons truck (credit: Casey Bistrian).

Coleman plans to rip out the floor and build out cabinets and a bar service area. Vintage Rose, based on the South Fork, is going for a different aesthetic. Casey Bistrian, founder and CEO, kept the drivability of the truck but leaned into a rosy pink look. For every event they do, they can customize the tap area to go with the theme. 

“For every event, we send at least one bartender, if not two, depending on the amount of taps flowing and size of event,” she said. “We do allow the guests to self serve if it is low key because it does add to a great photo op, but a bartender will always be there to at least assist.”

By Hand Catering, run by Adam Lovett who also owns aMano and A Lure, just added a mobile bar that you would never know was once used for horses. This looks more like a traditional bar, with someone behind the counter pouring the drinks.

“We have difference package options ranging from drop-off, where the clients have someone of their own serving out of the bar, to full-service, where we supply the bartender, alcohol and staging,” Lovett said. There’s room for a full bar with three kegs and wine, and they are already hoping to add another converted trailer later this year.

“The next one will be slightly different but the same traveling bar concept,” he continued. “We are finding that people really want something different for their events, whether it be an engagment party, bridal shower or wedding, this will be a stand-out memory for their special day.”

Doublespeak Cocktail’s mobile bar service, although not yet completed, will have very customizable options.

The pop up camper that will be converted into a mobile bar (credit: Joseph Coleman).

“The bar will be able to easily hold three bartenders and will be able to service almost any event, large or small,” Coleman said. “The cocktail camper would be run by bartenders, but I can provide smaller self-serve bar set ups for clients. Basically, if you can dream of a bar for your event, I can execute it for you.”

After being a bartender for 13 years, Coleman wanted to use this opportunity to provide something a little different.

“Most of my career has been in catering,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to bring what I do to the next level with a mobile bar program, craft cocktails executed from behind an amazing bar.”