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Sunday Records, located at 125 Roanoke Ave. in Riverhead, stocks new and used albums. (credit: David Benthal)

Although Sunday Records has been going strong since 2017, we suspect this might be your first time hearing about it. It’s doubtful that you’ve ever stumbled upon it, unless you were walking around downtown Riverhead on a Sunday between noon and 6 p.m. — the one time of the week this spot is open. 

I was told about the neat little record store by my husband, who had heard about it from his barber, who learned of it from his son. Needless to say, Sunday Records is a word-of-mouth kind of place, and I find myself thankful for my husband’s barber’s son nearly every Sunday as my family and I browse the well-curated, highly organized shop. 

The store, at 125 Roanoke Ave., stocks new and used albums sorted by genre: classic rock and metal, mainstream rock and new releases, new wave and alternative, jazz and more — just ask. The chalkboard on the wall helpfully lists the local radio station names and channels where you’d hear these tunes, making the whole experience pretty foolproof and very enjoyable.