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The HOBO SANDWICH from Goldberg’s Famous Bagels hits the B.E.C. spot. (Photo Credit: David Benthal)

There’s really only one way to properly start your North Fork day — lotsa eggs smashed between two hefty pieces of carbs with some protein. Below, our favorite local spots to get an A+ egg and cheese. 

HOBO SANDWICH from Goldberg’s Famous Bagels 

On first glance, this might look like your traditional bacon, egg and cheese from any bagel shop, but look again. A delicious addition has been made — hash browns. Yes, crispy and fried potatoes to add another layer of decadent texture to this perfect sandwich. $6.50

EGG SANDWICH from Bruce & Son 

Why yes, an egg sandwich can be fancy. With a folded omelette, gruyere cheese, sugar bacon (yum!), pickled onion, baby arugula and Dijonnaise all on a soft brioche bun, this elegant breakfast may have to be eaten with a fork and knife. $14 

EGG SANDWICH from Fork & Anchor 

Ooey, gooey and delicious, this egg sammy is simple. It starts with one or two eggs, your choice, add cheese for 50 cents or bacon, sausage or ham for another buck. $3 

B.E.C. from Sterlington Deli 

Crispy, crispy, crispy. Sure, you can choose the kind of protein you want, but the thick, stacked up bacon that Sterlington Deli layers on their bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches makes it. Paired with a fried egg and cheese on a seedy bun, this one is a hangover cure. $6.50 

EGG SANDWICH from Goodfood. 

Served on buttery toasty croissant or a multigrain roll, this egg sammy comes with scrambled eggs, melty gruyere cheese, tomatoes and Dijon butter. Add on bacon or avocado for a little extra oomph, and you’ve got a perfect morning pick-me-up. $7 

THE BREAKFAST SANDWICH from Main Road Biscuit Company 

This sandwich is a step up with the classic fried eggs, cheddar and brioche bun, with a red pepper mayo and arugula, for, you know, a little bit of healthy greens in there. Choose from bacon, sausage or avocado for a protein boost and grits, hash browns or mixed greens on the side. $15