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The A Lure burger comes with fries and peaceful marina views. (Photo Credit: David Benthal)

For our new monthly feature, we’re eating our way across the North Fork to bring you the area’s most iconic must-eat dishes.

Up this month: our favorite burgers with a twist.

From the meat (or lack thereof) to the creative toppings, these North Fork restaurants are doing burgers differently — and deliciously.

Black Bean Burger, Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck

The black bean burger at LLK is one for even carnivores. The patty, made with a mix of mashed and whole black beans, is topped with avocado, red onion and sour cream, all sandwiched inside a brioche bun. $16

blackbean burger
A black bean burger at Love Lane Kitchen. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Bimini Burger, Case’s Place in New Suffolk

Comes with: french fries, coleslaw and a pickle

The patty may be traditional, but on top of the fresh, in-house ground patty are some very nontraditional fried scallops. The surf-‘n-turf burger is finished off with Swiss cheese, bacon and tartar sauce. $15

The Grecian, Hellenic Snack Bar & Restaurant in East Marion

There’s a reason it’s been on the menu for 30 years. Prepared with either a chicken or beef patty mixed with marinated onions, green bell peppers and garlic, this burger is full of flavor. $17.95

A Lure Burger, A Lure Chowder House & Oysteria in Southold

Come to A Lure for the amazing seafood options, stay for the burger, piled with smoked mozzarella and a bacon-onion marmalade. $18

The bacon-onion marmalade helps make this burger special. (Photo Credit: David Benthal)

Cheddar Bacon Burger, Windamere in Mattituck

Don’t be fooled: Even if the name of this burger sounds standard, it’s anything but. The onions are caramelized and the tomato is served in jam form. $16

Ahi Tuna Burger, First and South in Greenport

Ground in house and seared to perfection, the tuna patty is a delicious foundation for the sesame, carrot and ginger slaw and the kecap manis, an Indonesian sweet soy sauce. $21