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Sometimes the craving for a Mexican style street corn, tacos, tamales or pupusas just sneaks up on you and you can’t ignore it (credit: Funchoes).

Sometimes the craving for tacos, tamales, pupusas or Mexican-style street corn just sneaks up on you and you can’t ignore it. The North Fork may be small, but we’ve got plenty of spots around to fill those cravings. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of our favorite Latin American takeout dishes on the North Fork.

Shrimp BLT tacos from Mesquite Tex Mex

Packed with shrimp, bacon, salsa fresca and just a touch of mayo, these specialty tacos from Mesquite are a must. “I’ve been going to Mesquite regularly since the first location opened in Sound Beach more than a decade ago,” content director Grant Parpan said. “It was a gift from the heavens when they moved to Wading River. I’d put their Shrimp BLT taco up against a specialty taco anywhere.”

Mesquite Tex Mex is located 2034 N Country Road in Wading River.

Beef Quesadilla from Lucia Restaurant

The amount of cheese that fills the flour tortillas from Salvadoran restaurant Lucia is almost too much to believe. Mix that with some delicious ground beef and the sour cream and hot sauce that comes with it, and you’ve got the ideal to-go meal. “Seriously though, I’ve never seen cheesier quesadillas in my life—and I absolutely LOVE it,” Kaitlyn Burke, sales assistant, said.

Lucia Restaurant is located at 13000 Main Road in Mattituck.

Tamales from Tikal 1

This Gutamalean-Mexican restaurant has some amazing tamales — masa wrapped in a banana leaf or corn husk and steamed to perfection. “They are nicely spicy and have huge chunks of roast pork inside,” according to editorial director Sara Austin. Plus they also have such giant portions you might be able to turn one takeout order into two meals.

Tikal 1 is located at 110 Front Street in Greenport.

Carne Asada from Latin Fuzion

With big portions and a large menu, this tucked away spot has something everyone can enjoy. The carne asada comes with salsa, guac, rice and beans. “They are so friendly and quick,” Tina Contento, advertising account executive, said. “Carne asada is my go-to there, and their guacamole and salsa tastes so fresh!”

Latin Fuzion is located at 53345 Main Road in Southold.

Crispy Fish Burrito from Funchos

It’s hard not to be happy when you walk into Funchos: Everything is bright and colorful. But their food is just as amazing as the atmosphere, even when ordering takeout. Honestly, I’ll get anything with the crispy fish in it just because it is so delicious. But the burrito wraps it all up and gives me the perfect bite, every bite.

Funchos is located at 1156 W Main Street in Riverhead.

Quesadilla from Little Lucharitos

Filled with cheese, Lucharitos quesadillas are grilled, yes grilled, to absolute perfection. Associate content director Michelina Da Fonte singled out this dish as her favorite, saying, “Why does their quesadilla stand out amongst the rest, you ask? One word — sauced. At Little Lucharitos you have the option to top their already tasty quesadillas with a delicious drizzle of salsa verde and chipotle mayo, giving it the perfect kick.”

Little Lucharitos is located at 487 Main Road in Riverhead.