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(Photo Credit: IStock/bhofack2)

It’s always a sad day when the final days of the year pass and the few remaining farm stands on the North Fork shutter until the warm days of spring. Sometimes it can seem like an eternity before the wooden structures dotted along the main roads are full of colorful fruits and vegetables again. Luckily, there are a few farms out on the East End that can help us get through these long winter days with some of their very own produce.

Zilnicki Farms

Get a box full of all local items delivered right to your door. Everything from mushrooms and dairy products to broccoli and potatoes, and you won’t even have to leave your house to pick it up. Zilnicki Farms is partnering with farms in the area to create these weekly food deliveries that showcase some of their produce and products from the surrounding area. Sign up via their website.

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm

Take the short trip over to Shelter Island to find one of few farm stands still open on the East End. Sylvestor Manor has just about everything you need to make a hearty winter meal — pot pies, whole roaster chickens, tofu, applesauce, chicken sausages, fresh eggs, produce, baked goods and Sylvester Manor pork. Plus, they are running their annual winter food box program until March 6th. Sign up through the farm’s website and pick up your box full of fresh mushrooms, kale, sweet potatoes, greens and more on Saturdays at the farm stand at 80 North Ferry Road.

Treiber Farms

If you’re looking for a specific type of produce, check out the online store from Treiber Farms. They update it weekly with their new products for pickup at the farm at 38320 County Road 48 in Peconic on Friday and Saturday. Currently, the shop has items including pumpkin puree, basil pesto, beets, garlic and even fresh greens like mustard greens.

KK’s the Farm

Sign up for weekly emails from KK’s the Farm ([email protected]) to learn about how to sign up for their winter CSA. In some of the farm’s recent boxes, it has had fresh greens, herbal teas, carrots, garlic, parsnips and more. The farm also hosts walk-in sales on Fridays and Saturdays, 9 am – 4 pm at 59945 Route 25 in Southold.

The Naked Farm

Similarly, the Naked Farm in East Marion has an email sign up ([email protected]) for pre-order for organic and pesticide-free produce that is grown in the greenhouse. Pickup is on Saturdays. And keep an eye out for a lot more coming from this farm, as they start construction on an automated and heated high tunnel hoop house. This will allow for more produce to grow throughout the cold seasons. Think lettuce, beets, Swiss chard, turnips, radishes, tomatoes — the list goes on!

Sep’s Farm

Sep’s Farm barn space is undergoing a revamping and will be open on February 18. It offers a wide variety of fresh produce as well as locally made prepared food and gift items. Mark your calendars!