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A holiday table decorated by Lori Guyer of White Flower Farmhouse (credit: Lori Guyer).

Most holiday tables might be a little less crowded this year, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautifully decorated.

We asked Lori Guyer, owner of White Flower Farmhouse in Southold, for her advice on bringing the holiday spirit to the dinner table this year. 

“The table setting started with a simple classic background of all white,” Guyer said. “I added clear glass, silver, natural elements and vintage touches.”

The setting, fittingly, looks like something straight out of White Flower Farmhouse.

A holiday table decorated by Lori Guyer of White Flower Farmhouse (credit: Lori Guyer).

The linens, plates and candles are all white. Then subtle touches of the season show it’s wintertime and Christmas has arrived. 

“I always find inspiration in nature,” Guyer said. “The evergreen trees look so beautiful in a blanket of fresh white snow. That was my inspiration for the holiday look.”

She even brings the touches of nature above the table where she wrapped greenery around the chandelier. 

Surrounding the greenery are sparkles of silver and gold — vintage ornament bulbs and a miniature reindeer.

“They add a little whimsical touch, especially if there are children at the table,” Guyer said. Most everything on the table is bought second hand from thrift stores or what she already had.

To recreate this look at home with some items you may already have around the house, here is what Guyer recommends. 

  • Start with a crisp white tablecloth as a simple backdrop. 
  • Use heirloom dishes or thrift store cream and white china. It’s all about using white on white. 
  • Create a little sparkle with polished silverware and crystal glassware. 
  • For special occasions use cloth napkins — white linen or damask is a favorite.  
  • Create your own centerpiece using candles, cloches or glass bowls filled with ornaments.  
  • Make your own floral arrangements using poinsettias, fresh cut boxwood or wintry evergreens. Look in your own yard for greens to cut. Keep it natural, simple and low to the table. 
  • During these uncertain times your gathering will most likely be small. Putting a little extra love and attention into your table setting will make it feel special and hopefully add a bit of holiday cheer.