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The 10 x 10 = 100 Art Sale and Show at VSOP Projects in Greenport is this Saturday (credit: Felicia LaLomia).

Normally, Jonathan Weiskopf keeps a tightly curated collection of art at his gallery VSOP Projects. But once a year, he opens his studio for the 10 x 10 = 100 Art Show and Sale, an annual benefit that invites any and all artists from the community to create a masterpiece using a 10 inch by 10 inch canvas. The show leads to the front room of VSOP being filled with hundreds of small squares of art all ranging in technique, medium and expression. 

“The idea is that we get to invite everybody to be a part of the exhibition,” Weiskopf said. “It’s an opportunity for me to meet new artists and see a lot of new work all at once, and it shakes me out of my strict curatorial process.”

(credit: Felicia LaLomia)

Some pieces are beautiful landscapes of the North Fork waters. Others are abstract and interpretive. Some are even 3D, popping out at you. Local artists of all ages participate, the youngest being two years old. Art teachers from New Suffolk and Shelter Island even pick up canvases to give to their students to participate.

“With this show, my favorites are always the five and six year olds,” Weiskopf said, pointing to a crayon drawing of a house done by a five year old. “They haven’t had to learn and unlearn the rules of composition and the rules of painting in a box, so their work really sings.”

The show is in its 15th year now, and before last year, it was hosted at the South Street Gallery. The sale, happening on Saturday, December 5, puts each canvas up for sale for $100, with the money going to benefit North Fork Environmental Council, WLIW FM and Community Action Southold Town.

“This is Louise Crandall, an artist that I represent here at the gallery who lives in East Marion,” Weiskopf said, pointing to a dark canvas on the top row. “Typically, we would sell that painting for $1200 or $1400. But in the 10 by 10, everything is $100. So that’s been one of the big draws for people is that they can come in and really score while giving to the community.”

(credit: Felicia LaLomia)

A select group of artists are also participating in the 20 x 20 = 400, with bigger canvases that will sell for $400.

“It’s tremendously exciting for me to see how people work with this very limited scope of rules, information and a very small physical boundary,” Weiskopf said.

The sale begins Saturday, December 5 at 6 p.m. The gallery will allow two guests into the space at a time with a line forming at the front door. If the weather calls for it, Weiskopf plans on using a ticket system that will contact people when it is their turn to enter the gallery, so people don’t have to wait in the rain or cold.

Selections from the 10 x 10 will also be available to purchase online beginning on Sunday, December 6 at noon at×10.

311 Front Street, Greenport