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The Dish is our monthly column highlighting a menu item on the North Fork we definitely think you should try. This month, Melvin Recinos, owner of Lucia Restaurant in Mattituck, talks all about the Farmer’s Plate.


Skirt steak, Salvadoran-style chorizo, fried plantains, avocado, casamiento (rice and beans), fresh cheese, and tortillas. 


Skirt steak is the type of meat that has the perfect amount of grease and tenderness to be grilled. Homemade Salvadoran-style pork chorizo with a touch of vinaigrette to level the taste of pork. Pico de gallo, avocado, and fresh cheese add a touch of freshness for the dish. Along with it are traditional Latin rice and beans mixed together and sweet plantains to end with, making this dish a complete meal. 


This is the plate that restaurant owner Melvin Recinos would have whenever he would visit his grandparents’ farm. Since they were farmers, the dish was a simple one to assemble, gathering all of the ingredients from their own family homestead. 

Pairs well with…

The perfect drink to go with the Farmer’s Plate is the restaurant’s homemade horchata, a classic Latin drink. While each country has its own version of horchata, in Lucia Restaurant it is served Salvadoran style, made by toasting rice, cocoa, peanuts, cinnamon and morro seed, then blending and adding water, milk, vanilla and sugar.