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Family compounds may seem like a thing of the past but if you’ve ever longed to live in walking distance to your nearest and dearest, we’ve found a beach-side, must-have property for you.

This South Jamesport listing consists of six structures including two bayfront main houses one with four bedrooms and one bathroom, and one with three bedrooms and one bathroom, two 2-bedroom cottages, and two 1-bedroom cottages each with one bathroom.

“The water views from the two main houses and the water access for the houses and the cottages is spectacular,” said listing agent Andrew Terry of Hampton Estates Realty.

The property also includes a spacious adjoining vacant lot and bayfront footage.

Time spent here would make you feel as if you are in your own private and quaint North Fork resort.

“The most unique quality is to have six structures and a vacant lot all included in one sale. You could probably not build this type of a compound in this area again. The possibilities are endless. You can run this as a rental business or a family compound, or a mix of the two,” added Terry.

It is listed at $2,295,000.

See the complete listing here.