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(Photo Credit: David Benthal)

The Dish is our monthly column highlighting a menu item on the North Fork we definitely think you should try. This month, David Plath, co-owner and chef of Grana Trattoria in Jamesport, talks all about their Apizza Margherita.


This classic of Naples, Italy, is made with organic double-fermented dough, organic plum tomato sauce, daily house-made mozzarella (made from curd with no added whiteners), organic basil and imported Parmigiano-Reggiano. 


The dough, the cheese, the sauce — there is nowhere for anything to hide behind other ingredients so it all has to be perfect. Each amazing on their own, but together a beautiful yet simple symphony of flavor. 

(Photo Credit: David Benthal)


The story about my margherita is really about the beginning of Grana long before we opened. I was searching for the type of pizza I wanted to resemble most. Back in 2004 our quest took us to, of all places, Arizona. I was reading about a pizzeria and the man behind it, Chris Bianco. We visited and right away I knew this was the type of pizza I wanted to make. Pizzeria Bianco is busy and still famous to this day. Best of all, though, Chris Bianco partnered with an organic tomato producer and now has his own organic tomatoes, which I use for my pizzas and tomato sauces. 

Pairs well with…

A pale ale, white wine or a medium-bodied red. Nothing to overpower the flavors. Locally, Jamesport Farm Brewery Hay Baler pale ale or Macari Vineyards’ sauvignon blanc.