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Carrots are what’s in season for September (Photo Credit: Vera Chinese)

Is it because they grow underground that carrots are so overlooked? For as bright and colorful as they are — coming in shades of purple, white, black and red — the root vegetable that’s in season most of the summer and fall never seems to get its own time to shine.

But over at Barrow Food House in Riverhead, chefs and co-owners Amanda Falcone and Kyle Romeo turn the humble carrot into something delectable. “We love carrots, for both main dishes and side dishes, because they are hearty and filling, but they can also taste delicate and sweet,” Falcone said. She shared three ways to enjoy them.

Carrot and Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Falcone and Romeo transform carrots and cabbage into kimchi with ginger, daikon radish, lime, and gochugaru chili flakes. “It’s lightly fermented and has a nice tangy sweetness from the carrots,” Falcone said. You can order carrot kimchi on its own or piled on their bean and mushroom burger.

Roasted Carrot and Avocado Salad

“The carrots are tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and cooked at a high temperature until slightly tender, then we briefly char them under the broiler,” Falcone said. “It gives them a concentrated, earthy, almost meaty flavor and texture.” Barrow Food House serves them with bulgur, parsley, mint, toasted almonds, and za’atar seasoning. Avocado is sliced and placed on top with a honey and citrus dressing.

Caramelized Carrots with Minced Ginger

Looking to make some local carrots at home? “A recipe my family always made for holidays was carrots caramelized in butter with minced ginger and chicken stock to deglaze the pan,” Falcone said. “Super simple and comforting.”

Pick up carrots now through the fall at Jamesport Farmstead or at farm stands all along the North Fork.