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(Photo Credit: David Benthal)

Owner Yuki Mori

Stirling Sake, Greenport


A bowl of sushi rice topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, local catch (currently: fluke and Shinnecock sea scallop), ikura (salmon roe), tamago (egg), shiso leaves, sesame, wasabi, and pickled ginger.


Colorful slices of fish visually build your appetite. The more you eat, the more you discover a new flavor. It’s a treasure bowl of sashimi. The local catch changes seasonally. Salmon is cured with konbu seaweed and ikura is marinated in a sweet sake called mirin and dashi soy sauce. This family (salmon and salmon roe) rocks with umami flavor. The shiso leaves and pickled ginger are palate cleansers after indulging in those flavors. At last, the sweetness of tamago balances the dish and brings you a satisfying finish.


The rice bowl is a popular dish in Japan. You see many ingredients like chicken, beef or tempura over rice — Though the sashimi rice bowl is an exception. Everyone is excited about what’s inside in the bowl because local fish varies in each area; giving the bowl uniqueness. As the restaurant is located on the North Fork, they are also excited about what’s the local catch at the market. Although they never know exactly what it will be until they get there, they are always certain that it will be super fresh. Stirling Sake is happy to add the excitement of the North Fork to the bowl.

Pairs well with…

Any sake from the restaurant’s menu goes with this dish, but the Makiri Junmai Daiginjo Extra Dry is highly recommended. It means “Demon Cutter” in Japanese, believing it can protect against evil spirits. So it’s perfect during this difficult time. It’s crisp and clean. It neutralizes your palate and a sharp finish makes you eat and drink more.