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The Lucharitos mural by artist Kara Hoblin at the new burrito bar in Mattituck. (Credit: David Benthal)

It’s been 8 years since Lucharitos arrived on the scene in Greenport, giving foodies in the village a new go-to option for casual dining in a vibrant setting.

Now it’s looking to do the same thing in Mattituck — just as it has in Aquebogue and Center Moriches in the years since and will for Melville in the near future.

The Lucharitos empire is expanding and we’re all better for it.

Just as with the two previous expansions, the Mattituck location, dubbed Lucharitos Burrito Bar, will take the concept born in Greenport and give it a new spin based on its surroundings. Aquebogue was defined by its outdoor seating options, Center Moriches sits on a small farm and Mattituck will draw inspiration from the movie theater next door.

The concept has been baked into the marketing — and few local businesses can brand like Luchas — since the new location was announced nearly a year ago, with promos promising a Burrito Bar “coming soon to a theater near you.”

Like a highly anticipated blockbuster, it opened with a sneak preview Thursday. Once inside, you can see that the movie concept has also been incorporated into the decor. Of course, there’s still the wrestling theme, but among the stylized, vintage wall hangings are old school Mexican wrestling B movie posters so obscure you’ll ask yourself if they’re even real. It’s what you might imagine Quentin Tarantino’s man cave would look like.

The location itself, most recently Bam Burger, has hosted a few different concepts over the years, including Bahia, which also served up mouth-watering burritos.

Unlike the previous tenants, Lucharitos is fully embracing its role as a companion to the movie theater, even offering outside seating along the alley into the cinema, which remains closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. When it reopens, the two businesses are sure to be close companions.

With that in mind, the Burrito Bar was developed to be a bit more grab-and-go and snacky, making it perhaps the most casual Lucharitos yet. The literal burrito bar inside is reminiscent of a faster food chain like Chipotle, but with those elevated Lucharitos margaritas putting it over the top. The menu, which also features some bundle and box offerings, is not just appropriate for movie-goers, but all diners in this new era of the takeout meal.

Lucharitos Burrito Bar is located in Mattituck Plaza at 10095 Main Rd. Mattituck. It’s currently open as a soft opening.