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The around the world to-go dinners from North Fork Shack will transport you through the food (credit: Felicia LaLomia).

It might not be feasible to travel outside of the country right now, but you can get a little culinary tour of the globe without leaving Long Island. North Fork Shack is offering to-go dinners most weekends that showcase a different country’s cuisine.

“Since everyone’s travel plans have to be put on hold because of the pandemic, we decided to help by making dinner exciting and fun,” Samy Sabil, co-owner, said. “The idea was a way to leave home and travel through food.”

The idea came from the downtime Sabil and his business partner Ryan Flatley typically have in the winters when they travel the world. “We leave the country and travel and basically just eat and drink our way through,” he said. “So after doing all that, we got a love for all different foods and its simplicity and different flavors from different countries.”

Past weekends have featured the cuisines of Morocco, where Sabil is from, Spain, France and Hawaii, all places the pair have traveled to. Over the next few weekends, North Fork Shack will be expanding to new countries. “We decided to challenge ourselves and experience dishes from countries we have never been to but hope to visit one day soon,” Sabil said.

This weekend kicks it off with a full Cuban menu. Creamy frijoles with onions and green peppers, smoky roasted eggplant and zucchini spears rolled in cuban cheese and cilantro, smashed and fried sweet plantains and a flavorful chicken and rice dish made with saffron, spices, green peas, red peppers and white wine are all included in the family style dinner.

“This one, we just did research,” Sabil said. “We try to think of what really works for this time of the year that’s not too heavy, but at the same time, be adventurous enough for people to try something that’s outside of the box.”

Following the Cuban menu is Mediterranean, French, Irish, Scottish and German. “I feel like our customers are enjoying the excitement and suspense of finding out what the menu is for the weekend,” he said. “We have been getting many comments about how fun it is to try something different and not have to make any decisions.”

The price of each family style dinner around the world is typically $50 for two people and comes with five courses. To keep up on all the dinners, follow North Fork Shack on Instagram or head to their website. They often sell out before the weekend rolls around, so get your order in as soon as possible.