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(credit: Gotham Social Club)

Some well-known barbecue chefs from around the country are headed to Greenport, where Green Hill Kitchen & Que will be hosting a Pitmaster Series starting this Saturday. It’s the first of six planned events in July and August, with the pitmasters cooking alongside Chef Matty Boudreau to showcase their special barbecue styles. Live music and food will start at 3 p.m. and go until the ‘queue runs out.

“We are so excited for this series because it brings my favorite part of the bbq world to us, the comradery,” said Boudreau. “They call it the ‘bbq family’ when you share the meals, recipes, tricks and love of this awesome culinary American pastime.” Northforker got into the spirit by asking three of the chefs to divulge the barbecue technique or ingredient that makes theirs different. Hungry yet?

Chef Matt Abdoo of Pig Beach Brooklyn, New York and Palm Beach

“We love Hatch Chili Powder as a core ingredient in our rub that gives it that unique and delicious color and flavor.”

John Wheeler of Memphis BBQ Company

“My one thing is my Million Dollar Rub; the tender, moist pork is just an avenue to get my rub into your mouth.”

Founder Mike Puma of the Instagram account Gotham Social Club

“For decades, people believed the best way to cook burgers was on the grill, but we are seeing a huge spike in popularity of griddle burgers, especially smash burgers. There’s a maillard reaction you get from a flat top that you just can’t achieve from a grill.”

Pitmaster Kelly Dallas of catering company Hogapalooza

“As a lifelong resident of the Arkansas Delta, it’s not hard to find bbq. It seems like everyone has a grill in their backyard. It’s like a right of passage. With so much variety in bbq in this area, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. However, if there is one thing that sets us apart from the crowd, it’s pure consistency. Our customers know, without a doubt, they are going to get our best product, every single time. Period. I’ve learned that when you find a formula that works, stick to it. That goes from the type of smoker, to the wood, spices, sauce, cooking time, temperature, etc. Competition quality bbq doesn’t have to be complicated or all fancy pants, but it does need to be consistent. We started this bbq thing before Google, Facebook, and YouTube. We made a lot of mistakes, but found our way. These are great tools to use in today’s cooking world. We can’t wait to bring some of Arkansas’s finest to Green Hill Kitchen. Woo, Pig, Sooie!” 

The Schedule:

Saturday, July 25Pig Beach Brooklyn, New York and Palm Beach

Founding Pitmaster Rob Shawger and Chef Matt Abdoo Cooking Pork Ribs 

Music by Hot Lava 

Saturday, August 1: Gotham Social Club

Meat Aficionado, Mike Puma Cooking Smash Burgers 

Music by Hopefully Forgiven 

Saturday, August 8: Hogapalooza 

Pitmaster Kelly Dallas Cooking Whole Hog 

Music Jon Divello and Friends 

Saturday, August 15: BBQ Ninja

Pitmaster Ninja Cooking Flame Thrower Yardbird 

Music by Hopefully Forgiven 

Saturday, August 22: Pig Beach Brooklyn & Palm Beach

Pitmasters Rob Shawger & Shane McBride

Music by Hot Lava 

Saturday, August 29: Memphis BBQ Company

John Wheeler Cooking Waygu Brisket 

Music by Dave Kellan

48 Front St, Greenport