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Inside a safari tent at Eastern Long Island Kampground. (Photo courtesy of Eastern Long Island Kampground.)

Since Sean Magnuson and Christopher Winter bought Eastern Long Island Kampground late last year, they’ve made some significant changes. Opening for their first season as owners on May 1, the business partners have added accommodations that make camping a little easier for a novice or someone who wants a little added comfort.

Currently, the site has over 180 campsites for tents and trailers, some of which are rented out for the season on an annual basis. This year, however, Magnuson and Winter added luxury tents, signaling the beginning of what they hope to add to their campsite. 

These new accommodations, called safari tents, are an alternative to a hotel. Inside, along with a queen bed and optional two twin beds and a cot, is a hardwood floor, flat screen TV, wifi, air conditioning, refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave. Toward the back is a walk-in closet, sink and toilet, while outside, a front porch leads to a grassy yard with a gas grill and fire pit. Off to the side is a shower with its own hot-water tank and a waterfall shower head. Each 16-by-20-foot tent (plus 10 feet of porch) runs $325 a night or $250 a night Sunday through Wednesday.

“It’s great to have this mix of demographics here,” Magnuson said. “You have people that come with just tents. You have people that come with giant RVs, and then we have the glamping tents. We have people coming out from the city who don’t have room to store everything; they just want everything set up for them. It’s also an extra revenue stream.” The safari tents are so popular that all are booked through September.

The exterior of the safari tent. (Courtesy photo)

In addition to these glamping tents are plans to add more structures like them. Building permits for 20 cabins in the woods, set with all the accommodations the safari tents have, are awaiting local approvals and the partners hope to start building this summer. The cabins would be intended for year-round use. Inside would be two bedrooms, a full bathroom and a fully stocked kitchen. Magnuson also added that they plan to build what he calls hobbit houses as well.

“They are prefab half-rounded domes that you actually plant sod on the roof,” he said. “You can even get them with a round door and a round handle like a hobbit house.”

On top of the accommodations, there’s also new recreational activities at ELI Kampground. An archery range with instructors just opened up a few weeks ago.

“We have a couple of certified archery instructors that are seasonal,” Magnuson said.

The new archery range. (Courtesy photo)

A movie screen and projector, remote control race car track, volleyball court and a stage for live music are all in the works with hopes to be open in the next few weeks. They also hope to open all these activities to the general public and not just those camping there. 

“The archery, we’re going to be opening that soon,” Magnuson said. “We’re gonna be doing half-day camps for kids.” And with a license for Disney movies, the projector movie screen, located outdoors, will also be open to the public for movie nights in the future.

Head to their website to book your stay.

690 Queen St, Greenport, 477-0022