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Social distancing guidelines have put a damper on Claudio’s celebrating its 150th year in business, but one of the three restaurants in the complex is opening for takeout, delivery and dockside pickup today.

Crabby Jerry’s will be the first Claudio’s restaurant to open when it begins its new service Wednesday. The reopening of Claudio’s Waterfront (known as the clam bar) and Claudio’s Restaurant are on hold as the company navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, which has limited eateries to takeout or delivery.

A parade that was planned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the restaurant has been canceled.

“We are still planning to celebrate the 150th anniversary it in some way, but obviously, not with the giant parades that we were taking about earlier this year,” said Steven Hall of Hall PR, a spokesperson for the restaurant.

The restaurant was founded in 1870 by Manuel Claudio, whose family ran the business until 2018, when a new ownership group of Ryan Sasson, Ian Behar, Perry Weitz and David Weitz purchased the three waterfront eateries.

Hall said they expect their takeout, including the dockside business to be strong this season. As for when they can begin seating patrons again, that’s out of their hands. Gov. Andrew Cuomo hasn’t yet announced when Long Island restaurants can begin seating guests and it’s anticipated that heightened density restrictions will be in place.

“We all know it’s going to be a different type of seating situation,” he said. “We’re not going to be able to seat as many people. But the best thing about the waterfront is that people can spread out. The tables are moveable, so we can have it set up in anyway that works.”

The new takeout menu at Crabby Jerry’s, designed by culinary director Franklin Becker and executive chef Kevin Garcia, includes baked clams, mahi mahi tacos, New England clam chowder, lobster rolls, crab cake sandwich, fried clams and more. To-go cocktails will also be available.

The restaurant will also feature a “One Pot Wonders” section of the menus which feed a family for between $40 and $55.

Claudio’s is also accepting donations from patrons to go directly to Eastern Long Island Hospital in Greenport and Community Action Southold Town, Hall said.

Crabby Jerry’s is located at 111 Main Street in Greenport, 631-477-0627, It is open seven days per week from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.