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Grilled Branzino from Olive Branch in Greenport

Chef Yusuf Alptekin

Olive Branch Restaurant & Bar, Greenport


Grilled branzino served with jasmine rice, fresh-grilled seasonal vegetables, and housemade kefir yogurt.


Served whole (bone-in), bone-out or filleted, this tender Mediterranean fish is ocean-farmed in Turkish waters and flown into the restaurant three times a week. Its delicate white flesh has an almost silky texture with a mildly sweet flavor profile and is prepared simply, allowing for its true flavors to shine. The simplicity of the fish, paired with the freshness of the seasonal vegetables, makes for an intensely flavorful, yet light entree. The jasmine rice is fragrant with a slightly sweet and nutty taste, and the house-made yogurt made with kefir adds a richness that rounds out the dish.


Growing up in Turkey, chef Yusuf Alptekin fondly remembers fishing with his brother in the Mediterranean. Branzino has always been Alptekin’s favorite fish to catch and when he serves this dish to his guests, he can’t help but recall his childhood memories. Overall this dish, like most on the menu at Olive Branch, is inspired by fresh ingredients that provide a noticeable difference in taste. Alptekin enjoys sourcing ingredients that are high quality and seasonal, allowing the ingredients to dictate his menus.

Pairs well with…

2016 Kavaklidere, Lal Rosé wine from Turkey. Produced from Turkish Çal Karasi grapes, this delicious well-balanced rosé wine has attractive red fruit aromas, fresh acidity, and persistent flavors.

Olive Branch is currently open daily for take-out from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.