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When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, not all are created equally, and we say that with love. With Girl Scout cookie season upon us and Valentine’s Day just behind us, there may be no better time to talk about this classic sweet treat than now. Here are five of our favorite chocolate chip cookies from around the North Fork.

Main Road Biscuit
Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip

Made with whole wheat, it’s fun to pretend Main Road Biscuit’s whole wheat chocolate chip cookies are a health food. These light and crispy cookies, made with bittersweet chocolate chips and topped with sea salt, are a great way to cap off any meal, yes, even breakfast.

D’latte Cafe
Chocolate Chip

If you find yourself craving something sweet while out and about in Greenport D’latte’s classic chocolate chip cookies are known to hit the spot. Baked fresh every day these cookies have just the right amount of crunch.

8 Hands Farm Food Truck
Dark Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt

Say it with me now: sea salt. The dusting of sea salt on 8 Hands Farm Food Truck’s dark chocolate chip cookies is a game-changer. With the perfect balance of sweet and salty, you won’t want to share this cookie.

Ali Katz Kitchen
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk

OK, so this cookie isn’t a straight classic but it deserves the spotlight, too. This more-than-substantial peanut butter chocolate chip cookie has perfectly crunchy edges, a soft center, and just the right amount of chocolate chunks. And not only is it decadent, but it’s also Gluten-free. Win-win.

Chef Claudia Fleming
Chocolate Chip

North Fork Table and Inn may be closed for the season and we’re still unsure what that means for chef Claudia Fleming but this list just wouldn’t be right without the mention of Fleming’s incredible chocolate chip cookies — even if you can’t get them right now, or maybe ever again. These cookies are truly a classic take on the chocolate chip cookie and can only be described in one word: perfection.