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Hunting for buried treasure need not be a childhood daydream. 

That’s part of the idea behind Greenie Supply & Tackle, a conceptual North Fork-based shop that aims to inspire imagination, creativity and an appreciation for natural surroundings. 

“Shop” owners Bill Moulton and Heather Kosch of East Marion unveiled their second treasure map vending machine, located outside The Station at Port of Egypt Marine in Southold.

The machine, which popped up this year, dispenses real, individually crafted $5 maps and directs treasure hunters to search for hidden gems on the North Fork. A map could direct a treasure hunter to a chest buried under sand dunes at a local beach, Kosch said, or to the other two shared treasure chests hidden on the North Fork. Some maps could lead to vintage fishing gear, talismans and art objects, Moulton said.

Moulton, who works as a graphic artist and film director, said he views Greenie as “part business, part art project, part social experiment.”

The maps lead to three treasure chests that hold many treasures. Hunters are encouraged to pick one treasure from the box.

That machine also dispenses Greenie patches, mystery cans and fisherman prayer candles, which are supposed to be lit the night before a fishing trip to help you catch more fish, Moulton said.

Looking forward, Kosch said, the couple hopes Greenie will generate enough revenue to send a portion of the proceeds to a local environmental group, like Save the Sound.

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