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Grilled Montauk Monkfish from The Halyard. (Credit: David Benthal)

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The Dish: Grilled Montauk Monkfish

Chef Stephan Bogardus
The Halyard, Greenport


Grilled monkfish, roasted local cauliflower, black garlic tahini, Red Frill mustard.


Monkfish is a humble and delicious wild line-caught fish from local waters — and a fish that should be talked about more. A smoky flavor is achieved by grilling and then confiting the monkfish in extra-virgin olive oil. Roasted cauliflower and tahini are an unexpected pairing that is then accentuated by the black garlic. The fermented flavor of the black garlic adds a depth and richness to the dish.


Chef Bogardus was invited to a Rosh Hashanah dinner where roasted cauliflower salad dressed in tahini vinaigrette was served. The bold tahini paired amazingly well with the bright and tasty cauliflower. Bogardus refined the idea a bit and added his own flavors to create the dish at The Halyard.

Pairs well with …

A thick and buttery chardonnay is what Chef Bogardus recommends to accompany the monkfish. McCall’s newly released 2017 Chardonnay would be a great pick.