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A sneak preview of our April cover. (Photo by David Benthal)

A sneak preview of our April cover. (Photo by David Benthal)

Dear readers:

Next week will be April, a month for new beginnings. It’s a time to shed the extra layers of clothing, to start working in the yard again and to breathe fresh North Fork air.

In this same space last year, I called April one big giant to-do list. While errands can be so daunting in the cold winter months, they begin to feel good again this time of year.

This idea of new beginnings is resonant in the April issue of our magazine, which will begin hitting newsstands this week.

From a former horse farm where organic herbs now blossom to a longtime family farm that in recent years became Long Island’s only producer of raw milk, fresh starts are prominent throughout. We feature a winery that recently hired its first new winemaker in nearly three decades as well.

Our latest issue also contains a pair of articles we hope will inspire you to step outside and get your hands a little dirty this spring, one about a carpenter who is reinventing himself as a creative woodworker (see cover photo by David Benthal) and the other a step-by-step guide to building a raised garden bed.

Our eat section includes an article about horseradish: a vegetable that is a sure sign of spring, even if it doesn’t often get credit for it. The piece is a look at an annual horseradish party in Riverhead that has been held for five decades.

A second historic piece this month is Steve Wick’s profile of the original North Fork farm-to-table food writer Jules Bond. For many on the North Fork, he made them think about food in a different way, something we find ourselves doing more than ever today.

April is a week away. We hope you’ll take the jacket off, roll down a window and spend a little time getting to know the North Fork a little better.

Grant Parpan
Content Director