Simply Sublime in Cutchogue is What’s For Lunch

The peach dragon smoothie and southwest soup are the perfect healthy meal combo for a blustery February day. (Credit: Kate Nalepinski)

Simply Sublime, the petite corner restaurant on the Main Road in Cutchogue, is the quintessential lunch stop for the health conscious, people with restricted diets or folks who are just craving a tasty bite.

Juices, smoothies, açaí bowls, soups and salads are staples of the eatery, with a lengthy list of drinks and sandwiches sure to please vegans, vegetarians and those with gluten-allergies.

Smoothies are separated into three categories: Fruity and refreshing, creamy and delicious and extreme nutrition. My sweet tooth drew me toward the peach dragon smoothie – a blend of frozen peach, dragon fruit and pineapple juice. It’s a zinger; ideal for a morning wake-up if you hate the taste of coffee in the morning.

My six years of vegetarianism motivated me to snag a cup of southwest soup — an organic blend of black beans, tomato, celery, garlic, jalapeño, brown rice, carrots and spices. The soup packed a powerful punch. It was the perfect, hearty cup on a chilly February afternoon. The Spanish-inspired soup and potent smoothie rang up for $13.50.

Don’t let the restaurant’s vegan front deter you: Simply Sublime has a handful of meat-based dishes and plenty of baked treats.

Simply Sublime is located at 28080 Main Road in Cutchogue.

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  • I can’t be sure but looks like a styrofoam bowl which would not surprise me since the cup is plastic with a plastic straw and a plastic spoon and paper napkin. Apparently they don’t have a commercial kitchen. On a positive note I applaud the offering of vegetarian and vegan options.