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The Korean fried chicken sandwich from Wednesday’s Table. (Credit: Grant Parpan)

Every so often, I’ll eat something and ask myself if it’s the best (fill in the blank) I’ve ever had.

It’s pure hyperbole, but we all do it right? 

“Oh these wings are incredible. Best ever!” “You won’t find a tastier burrito anywhere else!”

After seeing an Instagram post this week that Wednesday’s Table  posted of its Korean fried chicken sandwich — which aptly included the words “what’s for lunch” — I ventured out to the Southold breakfast and lunch spot to give it a try.

When I returned to my desk, I turned to one of my colleagues and said, “That might be the greatest sandwich I’ve ever eaten!”

Of course, I’ve eaten a lot of great sandwiches in my day, but I’m not exaggerating to say this one was at or near the top. (The Fork and Anchor fried chicken sandwich is also a major contender.)

The thigh is perfectly breaded and smothered in kimchi, making for a saucy good time.

I’ve been geeking out on Wednesday’s Table’s braised short ribs sandwich for years now and the pork banh mi is a real crowd pleaser, but this is a must try next time you’re in town.

Wednesday’s Table is in the Feather Hill shopping center on Main Road in Southold. It’s open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday through Tuesday. Don’t get any ideas about eating there on a Wednesday.