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One of the rooms at the hotel. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

The front desk at the Menhaden hotel.

Greenport’s newest hotel, the Menhaden, is now officially open for business.

The three-story, 16 room hotel opened its doors this month. Its name was inspired by Greenport’s fishing history.

“Greenport was built on the back of the bunker [fish],” said general manager Dennis McDermott, who added that he thinks the new hotel is filling a niche in the village and will be a concierge-driven hotel.

“There’s always going to be a smiling, friendly face at the front desk when you walk in,” he said, adding that the hotel employees will help organize your visit by booking dinners and wine tours.

The theme throughout the hotel is modern, clean and relaxed, with a neutral color scheme throughout. The walls of the hotel are decorated with high definition close up photographs of boat hulls by Huntington-based photographer Scott Farrell.

On the first floor there is a lounge/retail space and a restaurant, which will be open in the spring.

Guests of the hotel can also enjoy the rooftop area, which will have its own bar, seating, fire pits and a grill.

Visit the Menhaden’s website for more information.

Check out more photos here:

The space where the restaurant will operate. There will be indoor and outdoor seating.
(Credit: Krysten Massa)
The lobby of the hotel. (Credit: Krysten Massa)
Complimentary Menhaden umbrellas.
(Credit: Krysten Massa)
The rooftop area, which will be open for hotel guest use. (Credit: Krysten Massa)
The second and third floor each have a “galley” for guests to use.
(Credit: Krysten Massa)
One of the rooms at the hotel.
(Credit: Krysten Massa)
One of the typical room bathrooms.
(Credit: Krysten Massa)

One of the art pieces by Scott Farrell.
(Credit: Krysten Massa)
The lounge/retail space area.(Credit: Krysten Massa)
Dennis McDermott, the general manager of the hotel, in the lobby. (Credit: Krysten Massa)