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If it hasn’t begun already, the deluge of “you should drink X with Thanksgiving dinner” stories is on its way soon.

You probably know that I don’t put too much credence in such stories. You should drink wine that you like, not what someone else tells you to drink. Always. 

But that being said, riesling is a good pick for many meals, including Thanksgiving and this week’s Wine of the Week Raphael 2017 First Label “Virgin Berry” Riesling ($27) is a good local option. It’s the type of brisk, refreshing white that is good before and during any meal.

Virgin berries are grapes that don’t have seeds in them, by the way.

The nose starts off with lime, honeysuckle and apricots with a subtle exotic, jasmine note.

Lighter bodied (10.5 percent abv) it’s dry with juicy acidity that frames lightly fruity — peach and apricot — flavors that are accented by nice citrus blossom floral qualities and delicate hints of white pepper and grapefruit.

There is a minerally, almost chalky feel to the finish that lingers nicely.