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Asked recently about my favorite holiday, I answered Thanksgiving without even pausing.

Then I thought about it for a moment: “Why did I say that? Is that even true?”

I do enjoy watching my kids tear through their gifts and playing with their toys on Christmas. And Christmas Eve feasts have been good to me over the years.But there is a lot of stress around Christmas, whether it’s the pressure of finding the right gifts for people or the expenses associated with the holiday. The celebration also stretches out over several weeks, making for difficult planning.

Halloween? I almost never follow through on a costume.

Easter? Too many painful memories of my mom dressing me up.

St. Patrick’s Day? I’m only half-Irish.

Valentine’s Day? Ehh.

Now Thanksgiving, that’s more my speed. Sure the feast takes days of preparation followed by 20 minutes of eating, but it’s mostly a low-stakes casual day. Some years I throw on the parade, I usually watch football, and I almost always snack on various meats and cheeses, devour apple pie, stream a movie and then fall asleep early. I also always take time to contemplate what I’m thankful for — my family, health and a career I can be proud of. 

Yeah OK, there can be family drama on Thanksgiving and Uncle Fill in the Blank is going to talk about Making Thanksgiving Great Again, but a good gravy can wash down even the most divisive conversation.

Last year, our November issue, was a holiday guide. But with our final issue of the year set to hit newsstands right after Thanksgiving, we kept this as a more traditional issue, with a nod to my favorite holiday in our food section. (The chefs piece definitely has me craving roasted Brussels sprouts.)

This time around, we have a photo essay on our favorite roads and hikes, a profile of Greenport Harbor brewer Pat Alfred and a piece on the neighborhoods that best fit certain lifestyles (and, no, we didn’t just choose Greenport for everything!).

We’ll be back out next month with a holiday-themed issue. 

Until then, enjoy the food and the people you’re fortunate enough to surround yourself with on Thanksgiving. Just don’t forget to remind yourself and others of what you’re appreciative this time around.

Grant Parpan
Content Director