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One day a few months back, my colleague Michelina Da Fonte and I were brainstorming video content ideas, when I threw a bit of a knuckleball her way.

“I’m thinking of a concept we could call Northforker TV,” I said. 

Over the next two-plus hours, neither of us left the room, sketching out an idea that will come to life next Wednesday, Oct. 17.

Similar to our magazine, which is organized by sections we call “Eat, Drink, Live and Breathe,” each episode of the series will feature segments in each of these areas — “live” being more of an at-home piece and “breathe” leaning toward outdoors and other recreational topics. We’ll also preview upcoming events in each episode, feature a drone segment in the style of our former “One Minute on the North Fork” series and also a taste test, where two guests will sample products from area purveyors and have to guess where they all came from. (We’re launching taste test as a competition among our staff members, but hope to get the public involved next year.)

The “first season” of Northforker TV includes three episodes: the 21-minute premiere on Wednesday, followed by the second on Nov. 14 and the third on Dec. 12. They will all be streamed exclusively on Throughout the month, we’ll also share the individual segments on Facebook.

The first episode includes pieces on the 8 Hands Food Farm Truck, a local man who manages backyard vineyards, a cocktail challenge filmed at area bars and a breathe segment where we simultaneously filmed the same sunset at three separate beaches.

My colleague Krysten Massa produced the episode with our newest multimedia producer Kaylyn Ahrenstein helping to film and edit it. Graphic artists Steven Dorney and Michael Vee also lent a significant hand. It was made possible thanks to advertising support from Fisher Signs & Shirts, Green Hill Kitchen, Raphael Vineyards, Cheese & Spice Market and Century 21 Albertson Realty.

We really hope you all enjoy it and please feel free to send me your feedback.

• I promise not to turn this semi-weekly column into strictly promotion for us, but we’ve rolled out a lot of new projects in recent weeks, so it’s made sense to tease them here. On that note, thanks for all the love on our podcast, “Northforker Presents On.” We’ve had hundreds of people listening through the posts on our site each week and really want to boost the number of subscribers on iTunes. We’d greatly appreciate you taking a moment from your day to subscribe to it by clicking on this link and opening iTunes. The next few episodes will be on taco spots, Halloween and coffee. Send some suggestions my way if you have an idea for a topic.

• It had been awhile since I’d seen something on Southold Farm + Cellar, which was forced to move off the North Fork a couple years back. Texas Monthly recently caught up with the Meadors at their  new vineyard and it’s a good read.

• We’re halfway through October on the North Fork and this is the time of year we need to remind ourselves we will get through the madness. If you want to avoid the traffic that clogs up most of the North Fork, there’s a Fall Fest and Zombie Walk in downtown Wading River Saturday. Be sure to hit up North Fork Bacon & Smokehouse, Mesquite, Brekky or North Tavern while down there.

Or on the eastern edge of the North Fork, Hellenic is hosting an “End of Harvest” wine dinner with Laurel Lake Vineyards Saturday evening.

•  Long Island Restaurant week kicks off Sunday, Nov. 4. That weekend we’ll have posts on where you can go here on the North Fork and elsewhere. If you want a head start to see who is participating and menus, here’s the link.

Dan’s Papers recently published a guide to hiking trails on the North Fork. We’re close to peak season for that.

Enjoy your weekend on the North Fork, everyone. Stay safe!

Grant Parpan is the content director for Times Review Media Group, overseeing a number of things, including content planning for and magazine, the posts and videos we create for advertisers, and the company’s digital platforms. Have an idea for a story? Email him at [email protected].