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Northforker presents On is a new podcast debuting this coming Tuesday on

Have you ever bitten into a Sterlington Deli bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and wondered why the bacon tastes better there than just about anywhere else? If you have to choose, do you go Wendy’s or Ammirati’s?

These are the kind of hard-hitting questions we’re asking in the first installment of “On,” a new podcast from northforker, in which we’ll discuss a different North Fork topic each episode.

For our debut, we focused on a topic we talk about quite often at Times Review World Headquarters, but don’t often write about: delis.

In future episodes, hosts Grant Parpan, Krysten Massa and more will discuss our favorite outdoor spots, which places we prefer for tacos, and other very serious and important discussions that needed to happen.

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This week’s episode was sponsored by the Mattituck Chamber of Commerce. Be sure to check out this year’s final First Fridays on Love Lane next Friday, Oct. 5 from 6 to 9 p.m.