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When I look back each week at the most popular content on our website, it’s usually the stories and videos that told our readers something they didn’t know. That might include the opening of a new business, the dates for a popular upcoming event or a profile about someone unknown to the majority of our audience. 

Pieces about the people and places consumers of our content feel an emotional connection with always play very well, but introduce them to a hidden gem and the story or video tends to go somewhat viral.

Hidden gem content can be more than just a place few people have ever seen or heard of. It’s also revealing facts they might not have otherwise known about a familiar face.

For example, most of our readers know Braun Seafood Co. in Cutchogue well, but when we partnered with them this June on a video showcasing the seafood boats loaded with shellfish they recently introduced, our audience went nuts for it. We were later told the product was in high demand at the market.

It’s a particularly exciting part of the job to be able to bring readers information they can’t easily find elsewhere.

This month’s issue of northforker magazine, which is being distributed this week, contains some hidden gems, in both the traditional sense (good luck spotting North Fork Flower Farm from the road!) and the non-traditional, like some of the tidbits in our feature about the Mills brothers of Greenport. Glamping it up in a cabin at Wildwood State Park is another example — sharing an opportunity readers might not have known about if not for the story by Cyndi Murray and excellent photos (including the cover!) by David Benthal.

This is the sixth issue we’ve published in 2018 and while we try to establish a similar expectation with each one, they all seem to take on a life of their own. Next month we’ll publish our first special edition, with each story focused on the working waterfront. In October, several stories will focus on the harvest. And, of course, our December issue will shine a spotlight on the holiday season.

This month, however, we’re approaching the latter part of summer. We believe our readers just want a little bit of sunshine and some new knowledge about the North Fork. We’re happy to deliver on both fronts. Pick up a copy today.

Grant Parpan
Content Director