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A box of Bridge Lane Sauvignon Blanc. (Credit: Alice Falcone)

Memorial Day weekend is finally here and with it the unofficial start to summer. Beaches will be full. Hamptons roads will be over-full. 

This weekend also marks the semi-permanent placement of this week’s wine of the week, Bridge Lane 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, in my refrigerator — in box — as the go-to summer wine at Chateau Thompson.

Bright and citrusy with subtle tropical notes, terrific acidity and a slightly saline finish, it offers everything that makes local sauvignon blanc so appealing, but at $38 per 3L box — that comes out to $9.50 per bottle — it’s a steal. It’s affordable enough to drink throughout the week, but delicious enough to serve with serious seafood preparations. Plus with the portability of the bag-in-box, you can take it with you to the beach, camping or just have it by the pool.

And once open, the wine stays fresh for about a month. You’ll definitely drink it before it starts to fade.

Like all Bridge Lane wines, it’s also available in bottle ($20), keg ($240 for the equivalent of 26 bottles) and can ($34 per four-pack), but we love the boxes at my house. I’m doing some consulting for a couple restaurants near my home and I’m trying to convince them to bring these boxes in. They still worry about the image of boxed wine, but the Bridge Lane boxes — and this sauvignon blanc in particular — transcend any outdated biases.

I’m as big a wine snob as you’ll find and I’ll be drinking this sauv blanc all summer.