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Ben Gonzalez and Dave Daly, co-owners of Southold Bay Oysters, pulling one of their oyster cages out of the water. (Photo credit: Krysten Massa)

Ben Gonzalez, co-owner of Southold Bay Oysters, said his customers are often fascinated with the oyster farming process and he’s constantly answering questions about how their oysters are grown and what gives them a specific taste. 

As a fun way of helping his customers see this process first hand, Southold Bay Oysters is hosting an Oyster Farm Tour and Tasting this Saturday, April 21.

“People want to know where their food comes,” Gonzalez said. “Oysters take their flavor based on the water where they grow, so the fact that you can visit the location, you can see the process, is really farm-to-table.”

The tour begins at 1 p.m. and guests will get to see the entire process, beginning with the hatchery and how the oysters spawn, to seeing the adult oyster cages pulled out of the water.

The day will finish off with an tasting of the farm’s Southold Shindig oysters and a local wine pairing on the beach. Gonzalez said dry, white wines pair well with oysters, such as a sauvignon blanc.

The $75 tour will be limited to 10 guests and spots can be reserved at Register by Friday afternoon if you want to participate.

Gonzalez said the farm also plans to host more visits in the future.

“We’re getting a lot of questions from people, but giving them the option to come visit the farm just brings it to the next level,” he said. “It’s a fun experience.”