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Photographer E.J. Camp — and her signature designer hat — graced the cover of our May issue. (Cover photo by David Benthal)

If you were to rank all 12 months in terms of which is the best time to visit the North Fork, May would have to land at or near the top. 

Of course, most people visit during the late summer and early fall, from the grape harvest to pumpkin madness. And for boaters, the months of June and July are also a prime time to dock in Greenport and take an afternoon stroll.

The calendar dictates that Jan. 1 marks the start of a new year, but the northforker new year starts around May 15.

That’s not only when we launched our website in 2013, but it’s also when the North Fork begins to feel alive again.

It’s those weeks leading up to Memorial Day when all of your favorite places to visit are sure to be open for the season and the weather is just starting to heat up.

This month’s issue, which is being distributed this week, is largely about feeling excited to visit favorite places again — from top outdoor dining spots, to cocktail bars serving creative spring cocktails, to the lighthouses that dot our shorelines.

We also spoke with two artists about the spaces where they like to work and included a game for our readers to play, a bracket challenge they can fill out to determine which is their favorite restaurant. (Is it obvious we planned this issue in March?)

Also featured this month is a piece from staff writer Cyndi Murray on local brewers experimenting with wild yeast beers, which rely on the characteristics of the environment for a specific taste with each batch.

It’s May, so the farm stands are not yet filled with bright orange bulbs and we haven’t even hit heirloom tomato season yet. Our beaches are just being primed for the season, but you wouldn’t want to stick more than a toe in it right now.

It is, however, a great time to take the 5:23 out of Penn Station, check into a bed and breakfast and spend a weekend tasting the wine and food of the North Fork. Hit a farm stand for some asparagus on the way out of town.

And don’t forget to come back and see us again soon. Before you know it, we’ll be shucking sweet corn.

Grant Parpan, Content Director