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There comes a day every April that I’ve taken to calling Garage Day.

I wake up and eat a big breakfast, drink two cups of coffee and head out to my garage for a day of spring cleaning. 

This local holiday — it’s celebrated only in my own home — is not fixed on any particular day. It’s usually reserved for the first Saturday or Sunday that truly feels like spring. And even then, I need to really want to get out there and make it happen.

In the winter, it’s a struggle to find motivation to do just about anything. April is the month I begin to spring into action, slowly but surely.

I suppose I’m not alone in turning each April into one giant to-do list: clean the garage, wash the car, plant seeds, cut grass … the list goes on and on.

It’s also the month when the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing all these household tasks feels extra satisfying. The summer months boast a calendar full of social activities, making it hard to find time for, let alone enjoy, completing projects. April is when we come out of hibernation with a sense of purpose, before all the madness begins.

There is a theme of springing into action throughout this month’s issue of northforker magazine, which hit newsstands this week. There are multiple stories to help you get your garden going and encourage you to grow new things. There’s also a piece on triathlon training that could inspire even the most dedicated indoorsman or -woman to get off his or her butt and begin to train.

It’s April. It’s when the North Fork begins to spring to life again and so, too, do we humans. We hoped to reflect that in this particular issue.

It’s also time to celebrate Garage Day. But first, let me finish this second cup of coffee.

Grant Parpan, Content Director