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Actress Krysten Ritter in a scene from “Jessica Jones” filmed at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead. (Credit: Netflix)

Local fans of the Netflix series “Jessica Jones” are in for a special treat when they reach the fifth episode of the show’s recently released second season. 

The episode ends with a dramatic encounter at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead. (Minor spoilers ahead.)

In the scene, series star Krysten Ritter (perhaps best known for playing Jane in “Breaking Bad”) visits an aquarium where she runs into someone she recognizes from her past. The final moments of the episode end with a tank being smashed and the sound of water filling the aquarium.

Don’t worry, it’s all just special effects and no fish were hurt in the filming of the scene.

The Marvel project about a former superhero turned private investigator who confronts her troubled past to stop a killer filmed at the Riverhead destination last May 31. The Emmy Award winning show’s second season began streaming on Netflix last week.

It’s the third Netflix series to film in Riverhead, following in the path of “Orange is the New Black” and “Friends from College.” The series “House of Cards” also dropped in a reference to Long Island wine in its second season.

Other televisions shows and movies to film on the North Fork in recent years include “Girls,” “The Sopranos,” Boardwalk Empire, “The Path” and “Inside Llewyn Davis.”