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Vinyl Night at Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market is an event worth checking out on Thursday nights. (Credit: Madison Fender)

Remember when you ditched the record player in favor of an 8-track tape system and thought “this is the future?”

It turns out you were wrong.

As records have made their big comeback in recent years from hipster delicacy to mainstream living rooms, they’re also now creeping into bars and restaurants hosting what have become known as vinyl nights.

Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market was the first to host such an event regularly on the North Fork and it draws a crowd on Thursdays in these cold winter months.

Here’s how it works: Dust off your favorite old (or contemporary!) records and bring them down to the Bootleg Alley restaurant. If you’re feeling brave, you’re free to put them on the turntable and introduce fellow customers to your tunes.

“It’s almost like karaoke,” Little Creek co-owner Ian Wile told us last year. “When somebody gets the nerve, they get up and say, ‘Now we’ll hear this.’”

If you still haven’t begun your new record collection, we recommend checking out The Times Vintage on Main Street in Greenport, which not only sells the records every day but helps seed the options on vinyl night.

The event is free to attend, but it’s recommended that you register in advance. Food and drink specials are served all night.

We sent local photographer Madison Fender to shoot a photo essay at last Thursday’s Vinyl Night. Check out these cool shots!

Ian Wile takes a shucking break.

Elizabeth Sweigart of The Times Vintage thumbs through her collection.

Tom Stevenson of Orient makes his move.
Little Creek’s Alex Grui of East Marion.

Estefany Molina cues up the next album.


Estefany Molina gets her Kool & The Gang on.

Little Creek Oyster Farm and Market is located at 37 Front Street (turn down Bootleg Alley) in Greenport. Visit for more info.