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Feast your eyes on the ultimate North Fork breakfast. (Credit: Grant Parpan)

There’s much to be said about breakfast on the North Fork. There’s the spicy and smoky chorizo and egg sandwich from Wednesday’s Table, the savory kielbasa burrito at Wendy’s Deli or the mound of bacon on a Sterlington Deli sandwich. 

But what about the experience of cooking breakfast in your own kitchen with all North Fork products?

These ingredients are all locally made from North Fork purveyors for a freshness that beats Coco Puffs any day of the week.

Eggs from Browder’s Birds

Scrambled, fried, over easy — no matter how you cook ‘em, these farm fresh eggs are the foundation of the most important meal of the day. Mattituck poultry farmer Holly Browder takes special care at her organic poultry farm right down to the free-range, pasture-raised eggs.

Browder’s Birds is located at 4050 Soundview Avenue in Mattituck. Call (631) 477-6523.

Bread from Blue Duck Bakery

The artisan bakers at Blue Duck mix the finest ingredients to make more than 30 European-style breads. The mere act of walking into and smelling the freshly baked French baguette is enough to abandon grocery store loafs for good. Slice it up for a side of toast or as bookends for your ultimate breakfast sandwich.

Blue Duck Bakery has locations in Southampton, Riverhead, Southold and Greenport.

Beetlejuice beans from North Fork Roasting Co.

No ultimate breakfast is complete without coffee and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more delicious bean than the ones roasted locally at North Fork Roasting Co. The popular Beetlejuice blend is a mix of Brazil, Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans that deliver rich flavors of mocha and hazelnut rounded out by wild flowers. Starbucks be damned.

North Fork Roasting Co. is located at 55795 Main Road in Southold. Call (631) 876-5450.

Cappy’s Clothbound Cheddar from Goodale Farms

Sharp, bold and earthy, Goodale Farms’ cheese is a key component to this farm fresh meal. The hard cheddar is made from three simple, yet powerful ingredients: raw cow’s milk, cultures and salt. Melt some on an egg sandwich or pair it with a slice of Blue Duck bread…  either way it’s sure to go fast. (Goodale is actually one place you can go for all your breakfast needs.)

Goodale Farms is located at 250 Main Road in Riverhead. Call (631) 901-5975.

Bacon at 8 Hands Farm

Popular opinion has crowded bacon the king of breakfast foods — or, really every food. Perhaps overrated at times, the designation is well deserved for the freshly cut slabs at 8 Hands Farm. The Cutchogue farm’s organic feed, heritage breed pigs are raised on the pasture, resulting in tender meat with superior flavorful.

8 Hands Farm is located at 4735 Cox Lane in Cutchogue. Call (631) 533-2768.

Potatoes from Sang Lee Farms

Wintertime gets a bad wrap when it comes to scoring farm fresh veggies. Not the case at Sang Lee, where certified organic potatoes are bountiful. Roast them or turn them into a mouth-watering hash. Come summer, the farm, and many others across the North Fork, will offer a host of colorful additions for an omelet; i.e. spinach, tomatoes and peppers.

Sang Lee Farms is located at 25180 County Road 48 in Peconic. Call (631) 734-7001.