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Jonathan Weiskopf and Dena Zemsky setting up the gallery on Tuesday afternoon. (Photo cedit: Krysten Massa)

VSOP Projects art gallery in Greenport will be hosting its first “Winter Salon” exhibition, featuring the work of 24 artists from across the East End.

Co-curated by VSOP Projects owner Jonathan Weiskopf and Greenport artist Dena Zemsky, this is the gallery’s first “salon-style exhibit” since it opened in May.

“This show in particular gives collectors an unusual opportunity to see all of these artists in one place,” Weiskopf said.

Typically, Mr. Weiskopf likes to utilize blank space within the gallery, but this exhibit fills up the walls with a mixture of different artist’s work bunched together. Instead of displaying one artist per section, there will be areas featuring sculptures, oil paintings or photographs created by various artists.

Zemsky said she was introduced to Mr. Weiskopf when the gallery first opened and that she was excited to connect him with the many local artists she knows.

“Jonathan is bringing a very serious art gallery to Greenport,” she said. “I wanted the community to come in and see that there’s art here being made and now being shown.”

Both curators said they tried to pick pieces that would surprise people. While many of the artists featured in the show have a recognizable style, Zemsky said they chose pieces that stray away from those artists’ typical looks. 

Both Zemsky and Weiskopf also mentioned the number of women featured in the show including Arden Scott, a local sculptor and longtime Greenport resident who created large sculptures displayed in the garden area behind the building. Weiskopf noted Scott has been involved with plans to revitalize the roller rink in Greenport and both she and the gallery will donate 25 percent of the proceeds from her pieces sold to that cause.

The gallery will particpate in the Greenport Gallery Walk from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 1 with an opening reception for the exhibition on Saturday, December 2 from 5 to 8 p.m. The exhibition will remain on display until January 8.

Weiskopf said he was impressed with the depth of the work he saw while visiting various artist workspaces to plan the show.

“It was a very lucky thing for me to be invited in and it was incredible to find what I found,” he said. ”This gives me an incredible opportunity to begin relationships with artists that can turn into future exhibitions and future conversations to other kinds of programming.”