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I’m Danielle LaScala and I’ve owned Mattituck Florist since 2005.

Every day is different. From just customer service, helping people on the floor to possibly getting a funeral, maybe a party comes in and books an event. No two days here are ever alike. 

Normally on a week to week basis we clean flowers, make sure everything is stocked and cleaned, doing the orders and sending those out and just refreshing all the merchandise, keeping up on cleaning and maintaining everything.

But every day that we come in, even if we have a planned day, other things will take over.

Every order is custom. It will depend on what the person wants to express. I really try to get a feel for what the intent is for the flowers and we work it around that. Some people want a more modern look and some have a more garden feel. It’s not cookie-cutter at all across the board.

I worked for the previous owners in 2002 and [they] were attempting to sell the business and they offered it to me after two years of working for them. I decided to purchase the business in 2005.

Honestly, I love it all, but working with my co-workers is the best part. We have a lot of fun and we laugh all day long. I really attribute the ongoing success of the shop to the workers here because if it wasn’t for the teamwork and the care and love that everybody puts into their job, we wouldn’t be who we are today. It really takes the full team to make it what it is.

One of my favorite parts is definitely being able to express creativity, which I think is extremely important for anybody — and to be able to do that on a daily basis, I’m fortunate for that.

I do believe everybody, at some point, needs to express that creativity to have that fulfillment inside of them.

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