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The new section of Sprout Natural parenting in Greenport has been dubbed Sprout Natural Lifestyle. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

The philosophy behind Sprout Natural Parenting store is taking further root in Greenport.

Store owner Laura Tancredi has nearly doubled the size of the Bootleg Alley shop — increasing its footprint from about 450 square feet to 800 — and has expanded its offerings to include athletic, running and other health-related products. The new portion will be called Sprout Natural Lifestyle, while the original portion will retain the name Sprout Natural Parenting. The new section opened on Black Friday.

“It’s an extension of how I live,” said Tancredi, a mother of three and a marathon runner. “If people are interested in health and athletics, we want to be a good community resource for that.”

There you’ll find mushroom teas, coconut-based yogurts and nut milks among the food products. Hydration packs, compression socks and books from Tancredi’s personal collection are also among the inventory. Every product has been personally vetted by Tancredi.


“It’s what I know people use and love based on my own personal running community and my own personal marathoning,” she said.

She said the products available will appeal to anyone from a novice runner to an ultra marathoner. Like the store’s original section, no merchandise is placed below 36 inches so little hands can’t grab it.

This is the third incarnation of a Sprout store, which Tancredi has also run in Burlington and Brattleboro, both in Vermont. But it is the first time she is venturing into a brand geared toward adults.

Residents of the Upper West Side, she and her husband Bill fell in love with Greenport and purchased the building at 37 Front Street as an investment.

Tancredi has also created a Greenport-based running group on Facebook. Those interested can visit here to request to join the group.

Products for sale at Sprout Natural Lifestyle in Greenport. (Credit: Krysten Massa)