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One of the pieces in artist Sherri Wolfgang’s exhibit

The William Ris Gallery in Jamesport will showcase painter Sherri Wolfgang’s series, 11 life-size paintings that explore youth, dance, strength and the male form.

Wolfgang, who lives in Westport, Conn., is a contemporary renaissance artist known for her figurative works. She worked in illustration for 20 years and has been showing her work in galleries for the past 10 years.

“We’re known for variety and diversity,” said Mary Cantone, owner and director of the gallery. “It’s totally different from what I’ve done. I think this is going to work well.”

Wolfgang said the large walls inside the well-lit Jamesport gallery were a perfect place to display her work. Most of her paintings in the exhibit are 72 inches tall by 48 inches wide, with one larger piece. She said the paintings, which were inspired by her muse and model Nick Daley, were influenced by the short, flickering images of the earliest movies. The artist spent three and a half years putting the series together.

“I just love anatomy and I love drawing,” Wolfgang said. “This is a fantastic way to view all the images together. Each one is beautiful but when they’re all together, it is a magnificent view.”

Nine paintings out of the 11 on display will be for sale.

The opening reception is Saturday, Oct. 28 from 3 to 8 p.m. and is free to attend. The exhibit will be on display seven days a week through Thanksgiving weekend. The gallery is located next to the Sherwood House Vineyards, which will offer its wines during the opening reception.

Woflgang will be in attendance, along with Daley.

“The exciting thing about the reception is that you get to talk to the artist,” Cantone said. “The artist gets to know the observer and the guests, and that’s what makes it fun.”