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Bottomless oysters are one way to make a happy hour (or two).

Peter Stein, who owns an oyster farm in Little Peconic Bay, is now offering two-hour sunset tours and tastings aboard his oyster barge “La Perla.” And the best part? Fresh, all-you-can-eat oysters.

Here’s how it works: The tour begins along the New Suffolk Waterfront where, on land, Stein shows off some of his farming equipment. Then guests board the boat where they can snack on local hors d’oeuvres as well as all the oysters their bellies can handle.

Participants can learn to shuck their own shellfish, although Stein and his staff will be happy to do it for them.

“I’ll shuck as many oysters as you want,” he said.

Guests are invited to ask questions and Stein will offer oyster trivia. For instance, all East Coast oysters are of the same genus and species, he explained. The difference in taste comes from how they are grown, the difference in water temperature and what they are fed, among other factors.

The offerings aboard La Perla include Stein’s signature Peeko Oysters, bivalves with deep cups and a not-too-briny flavor, he said. The oysters just came to market in September and have been offered on the menu at Claudio’s in Greenport.

Stein, an East Marion resident who spent years working in education and ed tech, purchased the bay bottom for his underwater farm in 2016. The 37-foot boat is in part, named in honor of his wife’s late grandmother Perla, who died shortly before he launch the venture.

The tours cost $600 to $900 depending on the number of people aboard and can accommodate up to six people. Pickup is also available from certain points on the South Fork, including North Sea Harbor.

Tours will run through fall, weather permitting. Email [email protected] for more information or follow @peekooysters on Instagram.