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The recently opened Barba Bianca, located directly on Preston’s Wharf, offers one of the North Fork’s best backdrops for dinner.

But what really attracts us to this bayfront establishment is the inventive way owner Frank DeCarlo (who you might know from New York City’s Peasant) makes use of what is called trash fish or junk fish.

At Barba Bianca — so named for the white beards of the fishermen of days past — you’ll find dishes made with mantis shrimp and bluefish among the offerings.

Here are some things you might not know about this Manhattan turned East End chef. 

What’s always in your fridge?


What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

My knife

What North Fork ingredient has surprised you this summer?

The whelk. We get it out of the water only a few hours old and it’s very abundant; no one around here uses it. Also, Widows Hole oysters. I’ve become good friends with Mike and Isabel [Osinski] and their family operation is amazing. They are so passionate and their oysters are unreal.

Do you have a favorite entertaining dish that always blows people away?

My zuppa di pesce is perfect for a summer get-together. I use whatever is at the market and it all goes into one pot so it’s easy but has a wow factor.

Tell us a chef’s secret?

I crush garlic for a recipe instead of slicing or chopping. It’s less time and has lots of flavor